Halloween Pet Safety: 

Halloween can be full of fun, fantasy and fear for family and furry friends. But it can also be a little too scary for some pets. The American Animal Hospital Association encourages pet owners to protect their four-legged pumpkins by being mindful of their F.E.A.R – food, environment, attire and recovery. 


Keep candy away from pets, especially chocolate, which can be toxic. Candy wrappers can cause obstruction or irritation to the pet’s digestive system. 


  • Pets could become easily frightened by the sights and sounds of costumed characters.
  • Frequently opened doors provide a perfect opportunity for escape.
  • Be sure all pets are wearing collars and identification in case of an accidental getaway.
  • Place live flame decorations like candles and jack-o-lanterns out of pet’s reach.
  • Curious critters risk being burned by the flame, or could easily knock over a candle and cause a fire.
  • Keep decorations, electric wires and cords out of reach.
  • Give your pet a special quiet place, away from trick-or-treaters and other noisy Halloween activities.


Resist the urge to put your pet in a costume. You may think your pet looks adorable dressed as a princess, but most pets don’t like the constraints of costumes. 


Have a plan if your pet becomes sick, injured or lost. Keep emergency contact information for your veterinarian and local animal shelters easily accessible. You can also call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 if you believe your pet has ingested something toxic. 

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