Croton Animal Hospital offers invaluable personal advice when you feel the time may be approaching. Consider these questions carefully when faced with the overwhelming decision of euthanasia.

• Is your pet in incurable chronic pain, or does he have an age-related illness that cannot be alleviated and which now causes misery, e.g. advanced senility or incontinence?

• Has he suffered severe pain from injuries from which he will never recover?

• Is treatment of a debilitating condition no longer possible?

• Is he in visible distress from a terminal illness that has now reduced his quality of life to such a point that he is no longer happy?

• Does he have a dangerous behavioral problem that cannot be corrected and that indicates he cannot be re-homed?

• Does he no longer enjoy his usual activities?

• Does he appear to be in much pain?

• Do I have the financial and physical resources it may take to adequately care for him as his condition declines?

• Will the quality of life through the treatment and beyond be good enough for the time it affords?

• Am I prolonging life for my pet’s sake – or for mine?

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