We Can Work It Out

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Look at your pet. Better yet, lift him. Is Fluffy a bit too fluffy? Has King become Kong?
An extra five pounds on a dog whose ideal weight is 15 pounds is like an extra 50 pounds on a person who should tip the scales at 150.
Watching his weight is as important as watching yours. But counting canine calories or kitty carbs is not likely to happen. Better to get the both of you off your respective rumps and work it off together.
Different pets need different amounts and kinds of exercise, so talk to your veterinarian before beginning any program. It’s easy to start a work-out program with your pet. Ten or fifteen minutes of walking or swimming will build cardiovascular strength without putting stress on joints. Faster walks and jogging will come later. The “ball” seems to be a dog’s best friend – try
running after it with him once in a while.
With cats you may need to be more creative, but anything she can safely chase, scratch, bat or climb will burn off the pounds. It’s up to you to get things moving. Cats are designed for short, intense bursts of energy, followed by a good nap. Initiate a daily game of hide and seek, and since you’re also involved in the activity, you’ve doubled the benefits.
For the ultimate, automatic workout, bring home another pet. Everyone will get more exercise – guaranteed. Consider exercise as important as food and water. In the long run, it is.

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