When doody calls – Management

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Don’t just let their chips fall where they may. The consequences of not picking up after your cat or dog can be more serious than merely annoying the neighbors. Pet waste can significantly add to water pollution by seeping into the groundwater supply. It carries with it bacteria and parasites, which can survive in the soil long after the waste itself disintegrates. If left where it falls, the waste contaminates the soil, making it unsafe for humans.

You know, of course, you should pick it up, but then what? The countless plastic and paper bags or newspapers end up in a landfill, preserving poop into the next millennium. One option is to use biodegradable bags. Another option is to use an inground pet waste digester, which works like a septic system, using live organisms to reduce the waste to a safe liquid. If you happen to be among the estimated 60% of pet parents who DO NOT pick up their pooch poop (and we know you’re not!), hire a poop pro to doo the dirty deed. The pet waste specialist business has really picked up in the past decade.

Someday in the future, we’ll have the ability to turn the stuff into methane energy (it’s already being tested in a few places). Until then, make it your (one more time) doody to dispose of pet waste responsibly and preserve the planet for future pets and people alike.

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