Seasonal Allergies

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New flowers will burst into life, and plants will once again thrive. A sweet fragrance will fill the air, but so will not-so-sweet seasonal allergies – for animals and humans alike.
Pets with such allergies may have itchy skin and will scratch, bite or lick themselves constantly, creating sores that may become infected. In milder cases, medications may be used to control itching. If more severe, treatments
include immunotherapy, antihistamines, fatty acid supplements, medicated shampoos, and antibiotics for infection.
In addition to the traditional therapies above, a new class of medications specifically designed to block the compounds in the body that cause itch and inflammation is available. These drugs show great promise in providing relief to dogs that have previously not responded favorably to other therapies.

• Pay close attention to your pets and their environment.
• Watch for excessive scratching, biting or unusual behavior.
• Keep your pet’s annual or semi-annual wellness exam on schedule, so any health issues can be diagnosed and treatment can begin as early as possible.
Talk to your veterinarian if you think your pet is suffering from seasonal  allergies.

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