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FDA – Pet Food Safety

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FDA Proposed new rule for improved safety of Pet Food and Treats

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a proposed rule to require better preventative measures for pet food safety. Pets reside in approximately 70 percent of U.S. households and deserve high-quality, safe, nutritious food and treats. We encourage pet owners who suspect their pets may have consumed contaminated products to report their case to the FDA’s consumer reporting system.

As with humans… they are what they eat!

To help reduce your pet’s risk from eating tainted food or treats, follow these common-sense tips:
• Start by practicing good hygiene with their food and water bowls.
• Check the FDA’s list of recalled foods and treats regularly. You can also join their online community to receive information about recalls.  Visit:
• If your pet’s food or treats are recalled, immediately stop feeding them the product. Return recalled products to the store where you purchased them for a full refund or dispose of them in a secure area not accessible to animals. If you have questions about recalled food or treats, contact the manufacturer.
• If your pet may have consumed a recalled product, consult your veterinarian, even if your pet isn’t showing any symptoms.

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