cat and dog sleeping together

• When you first bring your new dog home, confine him
to one or two rooms or use baby gates.
• Keep the dog confined until the cat is comfortable
moving around the house and approaching the baby
gate to investigate.
• Set up some controlled meetings. Put the dog on a
lead and walk him into the room where the cat is
sitting. Walk him around on a loose lead (a tight lead
will transmit your anxiety to the dog).
• Don’t allow the dog to bark at or chase the cat. A mild
correction (“no”) and a request to “sit” should suffice.
• Your cat may hiss or swat at the dog. Don’t punish her
or she will associate the dog with the punishment.
• Repeat these controlled meetings until both animals
remain calm and relaxed. Reward good behavior from
both pets using praise and food treats. This creates
a positive association with their being together.

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