All we need is love … and maybe a few treats

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With a little love, you can make your furry friend the best a pet can be.

So get ready – here are some ways you can show your pet just how much you love them.

What a nice coat

Groom your pet often to keep his coat healthy, soft and shiny. This helps prevent pests and the diseases they bring. Hair that becomes matted cuts off circulation to the skin, causing lesions.  When cats groom themselves they ingest a great deal of hair, which often leads to hairballs. Help  out; it’s a great way to bond. Professional grooming can accomplish even more. So maybe you  need …

Grooming Tails

Professional groomers not only improve your pet’s appearance, but also pride themselves on  their knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, dermatology, fitness and behavioral modification.

Bark Bling

A plethora of pet accessories is just a click away on your computer, or at your local pet boutique,  including diamond collars, leather coats and cashmere sweaters. You can locate anything from a  formal tuxedo to a Harley jacket. Immortalize them by having an original pet portrait painted. Designer cat and doggie duds are all the rage.

Trim and Fit

Regular nail trimming reduces stress on the joints of the paws. It also reduces stress between you and your pet. Monthly trimming is the rule, but age and activity level can vary the frequency.  Dogs that spend more time outdoors, for example, will require fewer sessions with the clipper. Another thing to trim is weight. Three extra pounds on kitty is like 40 on an adult human. A nutritionally balanced diet provides many benefits, not the least of which is a strong immune system. Choose high-quality pet foods and avoid table scraps.

The Tooth

Dogs and cats can get cavities, but more commonly they can suffer painful gingivitis and periodontal disease. Talk to your veterinarian about a special pet toothbrush and toothpaste, and brush their teeth daily. Look for foods that help control plaque and tartar. And watch for indications of oral disease such as bad breath, inflammation or bleeding of the gums, or any change in eating habits.

Oh Behave

Dogs that are properly socialized and supervised rarely bite. Start obedience training early in life  to give your dog the manners and poise it takes to cruise Bark Avenue. With a little love, you can make your furry friend the best a pet can be.

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