The Good, The Bad and The Furry

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Our primary responsibility at Croton Animal Hospital is to provide your pet with compassionate medical care. We also consider it vitally important to support efforts to protect and strengthen the  bond between humans and their animal companions.

This commitment includes educating people about responsible pet ownership, adopting animals, preventing dog bites, and providing a safe, loving environment for our own pets and our wildlife neighbors.

Sometimes, however, we have to address heartbreaking issues like the loss of a pet, animal cruelty, or how we all can help end the crisis of pet overpopulation.

Through the good and bad that are a part of life, you can rely on Croton Animal Hospital to help you enjoy the love and companionship that pets bring to our lives. To that end, we can all counton one thing – the companionship of our pets. They are always there for us, helping to celebrate good times with laughter and love, and offering a soft shoulder to cry on during the bad times.

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