We Remember Our Furry Heroes of September 11, 2001

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Riley, a Golden Retriever, in his most memorable moment. In order to search the top of what was left of the North Tower, a Stokes basket was set up to transport Riley over a canyon 60 to 70 feet deep. At first he seemed nervous, but then just lay down and waited while he was transported over the void to his waiting handler.


Brittany, a Golden Retriever and her handler, Denise Cortiss. Utilizing their noses for recovery of fallen victims and offering their furry presence for comfort of the workers, all of the Search and Rescue dogs were America’s unsung heroes.


Louie, a Boxer, was the only Boxer to work Search and Rescue during the September 11 tragedy. Louis was able to make numerous finds very quickly, using his nose to locate 14 finds in about 20 minutes. A dog’s sense of smell is highly developed. We humans have approximately five million sensory cells in our noses; dogs have about 125 – 200 million sensory cells.

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