Keep Those Paws Moving

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As your pet reaches his golden years, which come roughly seven times faster than ours, he may already be demonstrating changes in behavior, ability or appearance. Daily exercise will help keep your pet slim and flexible, and will maintain blood circulation and muscle tone.

Help me in those Golden Years:
• Give me a soft, warm place to sleep.
• Take me to the vet twice a year for a comprehensive examination.
• Play with me often.
• Feed me a high-quality diet.
• Warming my food can make it more appetizing.
• Use elevated bowls for my food and water.
• Fresh water is the most important nutrient for me.
• Give me only prescribed medications.
• Give me a good massage – it works wonders. Oh, and check for lumps and bumps while you’re at it.
• Apply warm compresses on my sore spots.
• A dog ramp for steep climbs is cool – like into a warm bed?

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