Five-Day Canine Dude Ranch Experience at The OK Kennel

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Saddle up man’s best friend for a five-day dude ranch experience like no other. By day, sit astride your majestic mount while you fetch balls and chase squirrels on an open range. Spend your evenings rooting through trash cans and joining the pack for howl-alongs by the campfire. The 50-acre OK Kennel has a full stable of canines to choose from — everything from Great Danes for advanced riders, gentle Golden Retrievers for beginners, and Pomeranian-pulled hayrides for infants.

•Complimentary matching bandanas provided for you and your canine
•Learn simple commands, like ‘whoa,’ ‘leave it,’ and ‘no, the green ball!’
•Understand basic saddling techniques, including the pre-blanket belly rub
•Bring your comfy evening wear. These canines are also trained to fetch slippers!

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