Strange Cat Laws!

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I am all in favor of rules that affect cats. Recently, I stumbled  over some cat claws—er, laws—that really got my tail waggin’. As you read my report, you may find yourself tilting your head  in dog-like fashion as they tickle your curiosity.

• Black cats must wear bells on Friday the 13th in French Lick Springs, Indiana. (Makes sense to me—French Lick is the hometown of basketball great Larry Bird. And you know how birds are when it comes to cats!).

• On the same subject, cats in Cresskill, New Jersey must wear three bells to warn birds of their whereabouts (one bell’s all it takes for me to clear the area).

• And in Reed City, Michigan, folks can’t even keep a cat and a bird in the same house (not something I would even consider).

• Cats in International Falls, Minnesota are banned from chasing dogs up telephone poles. (Yeah, like I would run up a telephone pole. I have a cell phone. The only thing I run up is the bill—those data fees really make me whimper!).

• If you find yourself in Zion, Illinois, know that it’s illegal to give a lighted cigar to a cat (so what do I do with these loaded cigars?).

• In Duluth, Minnesota, cats are prohibited from falling asleep in a bakery (hey, I can’t even get NEAR a bakery!).

• And finally, the fine folks in Columbus, Georgia have cracked
down on cats yowling after 9 pm (I say make it 24/7!).

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