The Purrrrr-fect Cat

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1. First of all, Mother cats are known as “Queens”, and Daddy cats are  sometimes called “Sires.”
2. And with their advanced sense of smell, they can easily out-smell mere mortals, with 60 to 80 million olfactory cells. You’ve got a measly five to
20 million. So when she turns her nose up at you – now you know why. They can smell your feet a mile away.
3. A real clean machine, cats spend 30 percent of their time engaged in life, liberty and the pursuit of cleanliness. But most of the time, however, they’re getting their beauty rest… by sleeping almost 70% of every day.
4. With stealth-like agility, you never know when they might appear – or disappear – because they walk on their toes.
5. Their 24 whiskers act like curb feelers, allowing them to get into (and out of) places you wouldn’t think they could.
6. Cats have way better hearing, with over 40,000 nerve fibers in their ears.
7. Cat owners live longer than cat-less folk, and they’re less stressed out, as well.
8. Some cats have even more to offer. Author Ernest Hemingway had a cat with six toes. Some of its offspring still live at the Hemingway Home in Key West, Florida. As we said, cats ain’t dumb.

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