The Tongue is Mightier Than the Tail

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Hmm Hmm Good… So why does a cat’s tongue feel like wet, rough sandpaper? Guess it’s
just one of the things that make them so sweet, ahh… SPECIAL!

A cat’s tongue appears to be the ultimate 24/7 grooming tool, covered in backwards-facing, hook-like structures called “papillae” that wash, smooth, and even help dry their coats simultaneously.

But that’s not all! Better than silverware, these hooks also help them hold food –
especially when dealing with live prey. Their unique tongue shape also helps cats lap
water and other liquids effectively.

Cats have a very keen sense of taste, thanks to two sets of taste buds on the sides and back of the tongue.

Cats also use their tongues to react to the texture and temperature of food. They are
particular about the textures and shapes they like – one of the reasons that dry food
and kitty treats come in a variety of shapes. According to “tongue preference,” many cats prefer food at room temperature or slightly warm.

In addition to marking you as a friend for life, your cat’s rough licks are her subtle way of saying “thank you.” Perhaps not heard too often in the feline world. Just another one of the things that make her so special, ahh… SWEET!

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