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Bonus: Croton Animal Hospital helps pets help people too – specially in our senior years!

By March 23rd, 2015One Comment

We all know that the human-animal bond
is a two-way street. The love and care you
give your pet are returned in a variety of
ways, from purring in your lap to protecting
your family from strangers.
Recent national and international studies
now indicate even greater health benefits
to pet owners, and we at Croton Animal
Hospital are not surprised at all. We may
not be people doctors but we know a
happy human when we see one.
The faithful companionship that pets
provide can produce greater psychological
stability. This, in turn, may actually reduce
the risk of heart disease. People with
hypertension who adopt a pet typically
have lower blood pressure readings in
stressful situations. Even walking with your
pet can bring about an almost instant
reduction in frayed nerves.
Seniors, in particular, benefit from pet
ownership. Depression and loneliness are
decreased, while a sense of security and
even a renewed interest in “getting out
again” are heightened.
Pet owners, according to these studies,
make fewer medical visits, lowering their
health care costs.
Of course, a healthy and happy pet is more
likely to offer all the advantages we’ve
discussed here. Croton Animal Hospital
looks forward to providing for your pet
and doing our part to make your life a little
easier in the balance.[envira-gallery id=”907″]

One Comment

  • I really liked reading this article. You’re right, the bond you share with your pet is more than just one way. They also show love and care for you through their own acts. Pets really can become your best friend! Thanks for sharing this.

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