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Pets Help People Too… especially in our senior years!

By June 15th, 20152 Comments

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We all know that the human-animal bond is a two-way street. The love and care you give your pet are returned in a variety of ways, from purring in your lap to protecting your family from strangers.

Recent national and international studies now indicate even greater health benefits to pet owners, and we at Croton Animal Hospital are not surprised at all. We may not be people doctors but we know a happy human when we see one.

The faithful companionship that pets provide can produce greater psychological stability. This, in turn, may actually reduce the risk of heart disease. People with hypertension who adopt a pet typically have lower blood pressure readings in  stressful situations. Even walking with your pet can bring about an almost instant reduction in frayed nerves.

Seniors, in particular, benefit from pet ownership. Depression and loneliness are decreased, while a sense of security and even a renewed interest in “getting out again” are heightened.

Pet owners, according to these studies, make fewer medical visits, lowering their health care costs. Of course, a healthy and happy pet is more likely to offer all the advantages we’ve discussed here. Croton Animal Hospital looks forward to providing for your pet and doing our part to make your life a little easier in the balance.


  • Thanks for the information. I didn’t realize there were so many health benefits from owning a pet. My mother’s cat got sick last year, and while her cat was in the animal hospital, my mom was so unhappy, but she has been much happier since she got her cat back. It’s like you say, “the faithful companionship that pets provide can produce greater psychological stability.” It might be time for me to get a pet of my own.

  • Fred Summers says:

    The facts you state are really interesting. Its amazing how some animals really help a person’s physiological state. I think loneliness is a real issue later in life and a pet can do a lot to help alleviate that. I wonder is there any difference between the types of pets and their benefits?

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