Easy-to-fill winter chill prescription for four-legged friends

By January 14th, 20162 Comments
  1. Don’t stay outside when the temperature drops.  You can be sensitive to severe cold and risk of hypothermia and frostbite.
  2. Have your humans wipe your paws with a damp towel to clean off salt and other ice-melting chemicals.
  3. Avoid antifreeze, like holiday punch, its aroma is pleasing, its flavor sweet. But antifreeze aftertaste is awful AND DEADLY! It only take a few tablespoons of ethylene glycol – a toxic ingredient in most brands of antifreeze – to seriously jeopardize your health.
  4. Don’t hang around driveways, garages or alleys where you could stumble upon some “freeze.”
  5. Ask for  more food; keeping warm depletes energy.
  6. Little creatures and cats:  Avoid those inviting, warm engines in parked cars, and don’t crawl up under the hood.  In case temptation strikes, ask the guests to bang on their car’s hood to scare you away before starting the engine.
  7. Take 2 biscuits and call me in the morning


  • Jack Palmer says:

    I appreciate the list of things to do and not do with our pets in the winter. Our winters can get pretty harsh in our area and we want to make sure our dogs stay warm and taken care of. Would you suggest visiting the vet to get more ideas that could be more specific for our pets? Thanks for the help.

  • CAH says:

    Your welcome! Pets are always safest being outdoors only when supervised by their humans, remember if you’re cold outside it’s likely they’re cold also. It’s always a good idea to check in with your veterinarian to make sure you pets are healthy and happy!

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