Whaddya Doo When Doody Calls?

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Yo Dog, Ya Wanna Step Outside?
… and you too Miss Kitty Litter, cause this house is not your personal OUTHOUSE! It’s your HOME! Have you not yet learned where to go or, for that matter, to “hold it” awhile?  You need some corrective conditioning for this kinda #&@*! The humans could put you on a leash and go out with you. This will ensure that you don’t get distracted. Pick your spot and go there every time.  They’re so excited when you do doo your doodoo, they praise you with treats. With proper management and consistency, you’ll learn that going to the bathroom is the first order of business when you go… OUTSIDE!
Flatulence Factor
Flatulence, my friends, is a normal biological function. Just eating means you swallow air. If the air is not burped out, gas exits through the other end. The really stinky gas is produced by bacteria in the colon. Dietary fiber is not readily digestible by the enzyme system, but by the bacteria of the colon. And when fibers break down, gas happens! So whaddya doo?
• Feed smaller meals several times daily.
• Feed a mixture of dry and canned foods.
• No soy, peas, treats containing milk, cheese, lactose, fresh or dried fruit.
• Place an overturned small bowl inside our bowl – which prevents us from inhaling our food.
• If this doesn’t help, take a deep breath and call your vet.
Wizard of Whiff
Dogs are smelling machines. With over 200 million scent receptors, your dog’s nose has 40 times the smelling power of yours. So when your dog sniffs you, he collects data about where you’ve been, who you’ve been with, what you’ve eaten, whether you’re not feeling well, and his worst nightmare – knowing IF you’ve been with another dog. Now that’s efficient!  When dogs get together, they use their powerful proboscis to sniff out friend or foe. Or if they missed each other during a walk, they’ll leave a Doggie Nose-mail behind: “Sorry I missed you. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you right away.”
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
You know you should pick it up, but then what? Pet waste can significantly add to water pollution, and countless plastic bags are dumped in a dump, preserving poop into the next millennium. So don’t just let their chips fall where they may. So Doo some Stuff:
• Use biodegradable bags.
• Install an in-ground pet waste digester, which works like a septic system.
• Hire a super poop pro to doo the dirty deed.
Someday we’ll be able to turn the stuff into methane energy. Until then, make it your (one more time) doody to dispose of pet waste responsibly.

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