There is exciting news to share about a new option to treatarthritis in cats at Croton Animal Hospital. It is a monoclonal antibody called Solensia. Developed by Zoetis, Solensia is a monthly injectable monoclonal antibody that binds to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) to block its effects of communicating pain impulses.

Reviews by owners in controlled studies here in the US and by owners and veterinarians abroad that have been using the product on a broad scale already have been quite favorable.

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Most common side effects observed during the trials in the US were GI related (decreased appetite, vomiting and or diarrhea) or skin related (eczema or dermatitis). Side effects were managed with supportive adjunct medications or discontinuing use of the product.

Solensia is administered by our medical staff on a monthly basis to control the debilitating effects of arthritis in the affected cat. The injection is administered subcutaneously (under the skin) during an out-patient appointment and dosage is based on bodyweight.

We are excited to have this new option to help manage our patients’ chronic pain. Please call us to learn more about Solensia.