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Fun in the Summer Sun!

By July 15th, 2015No Comments


We all like spending the sunny days of summer with our furry friends. Unfortunately, summer is the most dangerous time for pets. We have some suggestions that will help you and your pets share a great and safe summer together. Although heat is the #1 offender, here are a few other things to remember! Protect your pets from fleas, ticks and heartworm disease. There are several preventive treatments available from your vet that is easy to use, safe and effective. Many lawn and garden insecticides can be harmful to pets. Store all hazardous products securely. During walks, steer clear of areas that have been sprayed with chemicals. All pets should wear a collar and ID tag or microchip ID. Keep citronella candles, oil products and insect coils out of pets’ reach. Don’t mix pets with fireworks, which can result in severe burns or trauma. Even unused fireworks can contain toxic substances such as potassium, nitrate, copper and arsenic.

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