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Doggie Boot Camp Basic Training

By December 7th, 2015One Comment


Dogs generally like to please and to be loved by their family. Some basic training with positive reinforcement
will help your dog earn a gold medal for good behavior.

General Training Tips
• Start training at an early age; dedicate time each day.
• Make sure everyone in the household is teaching him the same lessons.
• Never punish him for wrong behavior as he won’t necessarily associate your scolding with the behavior you want to correct. Positive reinforcement for good behavior is much more effective.
• If problems continue, seek professional advice from a behavior expert like a veterinarian.

How to Train Your Dog to Sit
• Use a treat and hold it directly above your pet’s head.
• Move the treat so that he follows it with his eyes.
• As you move the treat forward, his legs should start to fold under.
• As this begins to happen, say “Sit.”
• When he fully sits, give the treat and praise.

How to Stop Your Pet from Jumping Up
• Avoid greeting your pet enthusiastically.
• Try to gain his focus, and use the “Sit” command to calm him.
• Reward him with petting when he sits calmly.
• If your pet continues to jump up, turn your back and continue with your tasks.
• Once he calms down, reward him with a treat or praise.

How to Train Your Dog to Relax
• If you’re having trouble training your dog to “stay” or “wait,” consider the word “relax.”
• Sit your dog and calmly say “relax.” Any slight movements should be followed with a firm “uh-uh.”
• Gently hold him in place, calmly repeating the word “relax.” After a few seconds, release and say “OK.”
• Practice every day, giving your dog positive reinforcement such as praise or a treat.

Talk About Barking!
All dogs have a voice, whether it is barking, howling or yapping- the exception being the Besenji. Some breeds speak more often than others (including Beagles, Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas). It’s important to choose a dog that’s right for your situation. As with any bad behavior, excessive barking can be managed, if begun early.  If your pet is sitting quietly, you can always
reward him with praise and treats. If the barking continues, even with training, ignore him until he quiets down.

One Comment

  • Jenn says:

    We stopped the jumping by doing clicker training. We would come home from work, grab the treat bag in the garage, open the door and immediately practice sit, roll over, lay down, and shake. Then we would have Sadie sit again, and praise with treats and a belly rub.

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