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Spay & Neuter Truth and Consequences

By April 18th, 2016No Comments


Not many subjects “breed” more misinformation than the spaying and neutering of our companion animals. With the help of the Humane Society, let’s separate rumor from truth:

Rumor: Males will become less so after being neutered.
Truth: In fact, they won’t suffer any emotional reaction or
change of personality. Pets have no concept of sexual
identity or ego.

Rumor: They will lose their instinct to be protective of their
human family.
Truth: Their protective instinct is just that—instinct. It will
not be affected by the procedure.

Rumor: My pet will gain weight and just lay around.
Truth: Sorry, you can’t lay that on science. Pets get fat and lazy
due to too much feeding and not enough exercising.

Rumor: It’s not good to spay a female before she has her
first litter.
Truth: Medical evidence says yes it is. In fact, females spayed
before their first heat are typically healthier. Check with
your veterinarian about the best time for your pet’s

The biggest truth about spaying and neutering is: it saves lives.
Between 3-4 million animals are euthanized each year, hundreds of thousands find themselves victims of disasters and far too many are victims of abuse, neglect and cruelty.

To spay or neuter your own beloved pet means that many more pets will become just as cherished as yours, in a caring home with devoted humans they would otherwise have never known.

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