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Cold Weather Safety For Pets

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Take steps to ensure your pets’ health during cold weather.

• Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s risks in cold weather
• Have an emergency kit that includes your pet’s needs in case of severe weather or prolonged power outage
• If your dog has a short coat or seems bothered by cold, consider a sweater or dog coat
• Consider booties for your dog’s feet; make sure they fit!
• Ensure outdoor pets have insulated shelter and unfrozen drinking water.  In extreme cold, even outdoor pets should stay inside

• Know your pet’s tolerance for the cold; adjust accordingly
• Shorten walks in very cold weather
• Contact your veterinarian if your pet is shivering or extremely lethargic after being out in the cold

• Check under your car, bang the hood, and honk the horn before starting the engine
• Use pet-safe de-icing products
• Clean up any antifreeze spills quickly
• Stay away from frozen ponds, lakes and streams
• Only take your pet in the car when absolutely necessary. Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle
• Check your dog’s paws frequently for signs of irritation or injury
• Wipe down or wash your pet’s feet, legs and belly to remove packed snow, ice, salt and de-icing chemicals after walks

When in doubt keep pet indoors

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