Amazing ways from the Croton Animal Hospital Veterinarians, to save the planet, keep your health, and help your pet! 
Amazingly simple ways that is. 


  • Use biodegradable poop bags made out of organic or recyclable materials; your dog will be on his way to going green.
  • Old blankets and sheets may seem like junk, but if you donate them to your local shelter, they are warm beds and comfort for lonely pets.
  • Socks with missing partners? Make a dog toy out of it! A great way to reuse, rather than consume. Also, some toys sold at pet stores can be expensive and wasteful of our planet’s resources.
  • Instead of driving to the dog park, how about rollerblading, biking or just walking instead? It’s more exercise and time for you and your dog to spend together, and it’s not using fossil fuels or spewing greenhouse gases into the air.
  • Consider a natural, holistic, or eco-friendly diet. Some dog foods and treats on the market use all-natural, “green-footprint” ingredients.
  • Many grooming centers  and kennels are now offering dogs aromatherapy and all-natural botanical oils so that our best friends can also enjoy an eco-friendly and relaxing day at the spa.
  • Whether eco-friendly, simple, or extravagant, continue to learn about and implement practices that allow your pets to thrive in a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Always consult your veterinarian before making any drastic changes in your pet’s diet, care or grooming practices.


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