Tis the season for family, food and festivities. It’s also when furry family members can be injured by frolicking in the proverbial forbidden fruit. To make things merrier, Croton Animal Hospital offers some guidelines of good will to help protect your pets from holiday hazards. TIP #1: FOOD FOR THOUGHT Visions of sugarplums may dance […]

Celebrate the new year by committing to your furry friends’ health Annual Wellness Exam Croton Animal Hospital recommends that healthy dogs and cats visit the veterinarian once a year for a complete exam and laboratory testing. For senior petizens, the frequency of wellness exams should be determined on an individual basis, taking into account the […]

We asked a focus group of house cats to comment on one of their favorite issues: playtime. Here’s what they had to purr on the subject. Meow out there! Regular playtime is part of your commitment to provide us with a stimulating environment. Play gives us mental and physical stimulation, an outlet for energy, and […]

For this issue of PAW, we conducted our own “pooch poll” to determine what dogs like and don’t like about the things their owners give them for entertainment. Here’s what they barked back: Let’s get one thing straight, people: For most of us dogs, toys are not a luxury—they’re a necessity. Toys help fight boredom […]