Don’t just let their chips fall where they may. The consequences of not picking up after your cat or dog can be more serious than merely annoying the neighbors. Pet waste can significantly add to water pollution by seeping into the groundwater supply. It carries with it bacteria and parasites, which can survive in the […]

Ticks are tenacious bloodsuckers that inflict painful bites, cause anemia, and can transmit serious diseases to us and our companion animals. They prey on the blood of dogs, horses, deer, birds, rodents and people. There are hundreds of kinds of ticks, including the dog tick and the deer tick. The diseases that ticks can transmit […]

What is Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome? Researchers believe Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) is caused by physical and chemical changes that affect the brain function in older dogs. Dogs with CDS may show signs of confusion and/or various other behavioral changes that are not a normal part of aging. This confusion can lead to a life of […]

Petit Mal Characterized by tremors, drooling, spontaneous urination and staring or upward eye movement. Although a “mild” seizure, the effects may be as serious as the other types. Grand Mal The more violent seizure, marked by convulsions, foaming at the mouth, uncontrollable urination and defecation, rapid paw and jaw movements and loss of consciousness. This […]

Certain situations may arise with your pet that require your immediate attention. You’ll learn to recognize the most critical symptoms and determine the proper course of action. As always, a call to your veterinarian is the first and best step, once you’ve controlled the situation to the best of your ability. Imagine your dog curled […]

You’ve probably noticed that when you pet a soft, gentle cat or play fetch with a dog whose tail won’t stop wagging, you relax and feel a little better. In recent years, scientific studies have begun to pinpoint the ways in which companion animals actually do improve our minds and our bodies. Caring for a […]

Croton Animal Hospital provides an abundance ofservices dedicated to the care and treatment of your best friends. With summer comes a variety of harmful diseases and conditions that affect our pets as they take to the great outdoors. The biggest summertime hazard for pets is when they’re left inside parked cars. Don’t ever leave them […]