The American Kennel Club announced that the Labrador Retriever has taken the #1 spot for the 23rd consecutive year! And the Cat Fanciers’ Association has placed the Persian in the top spot for over 30 years! Jumping into pet parenthood can be a happy, exciting and rewarding experience for both pet and parent. However, you […]

CROTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL RECOGNIZED FOR VETERINARY EXCELLENCE FOR OVER 40 YEARS! Croton Animal Hospital has been an accredited animal hospital of American Animal Hospital Association since 1974. We  recently had our triennial evaluation and because of the great effort put forth by our team in preparation for that event, we passed with flying colors and […]

Here are some good pointers to keep the furry ones happy and safe in cold weather     Probably the best prescription for winter’s chill is to keep your furry friends inside with you. The happiest dogs are those that are taken out frequently for walks and exercise but kept inside the rest of the time. Don’t […]