They may not be lions and tigers and bears, but these pesky little pests can  make a season of distress for both people and their pets. So read on, take action, and know that prevention is the best defense against the peskiest pests! WHEN ‘SQUITO BITES GO STRAIGHT TO THE HEART!  Yes, just one mosquito […]

They sleep in cool shade. They play in cool dirt. They lay in cool shadows. They don’t have to work. It seems dogs and cats are pretty cool about keeping cool. Why?  They don’t wear pants – and they don’t sweat.  Of course, we all know that they do, indeed, pant.  They pant to help […]

We all like spending the sunny days of summer with our furry friends. Unfortunately, summer is the most dangerous time for pets. We have some suggestions that will help you and your pets share a great and safe summer together. Although heat is the #1 offender, here are a few other things to remember! Protect […]

1. Trauma from a fall, or a heavy blow from a collision. Even if your pet is conscious and walking around after trauma, internal injuries or complications can become life-threatening hours or even days later. Only an exam, x-rays or other testing can ensure that your pet is fine after an accident. 2. Bleeding that […]