FDA Warns Pet Owners on the Dangers of Xylitol Ingestion in Dogs and Ferrets The Food and Drug Administration is cautioning consumers about the risks associated with the accidental consumption of xylitol by dogs and ferrets. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol approved for use in many common products, including sugar-free baked goods, candy, oral hygiene […]

•Cats have lived outdoors for more than 10,000 years. •In the last decade, the number of local governments with official policies endorsing Trap-Neuter-Return has increased TENFOLD. •More than 70% of all cat…s who enter shelters are killed there, including virtually 100% of feral cats. •Feral cats can have the same lifespan as pet cats. •Last […]

Dr. Gustavson recently joined our team and he brings a great deal of knowledge and energy to our hospital.  We’ve interviewed him so that we all could learn more about him! • Where are you originally from? Westchester, NY • How long have you been at the Hospital?  Since 7/31/13 • At what point in […]