Heartworms are potentially fatal parasitic worms living in the pulmonary arteries, lungs and hearts of both cats and dogs. Wherever pets and pests (e.g. mosquitoes) are present, heartworm infection is possible. The infection in cats may be more common than previously realized. Diagnosis is much more difficult than in dogs, and treatment can be challenging. […]

Hmm Hmm Good… So why does a cat’s tongue feel like wet, rough sandpaper? Guess it’s just one of the things that make them so sweet, ahh… SPECIAL! A cat’s tongue appears to be the ultimate 24/7 grooming tool, covered in backwards-facing, hook-like structures called “papillae” that wash, smooth, and even help dry their coats […]

YOU’LL GAZE IN AWE AS THEY: Display acrobatic feats right before our eyes Turn common household items into toys Inspire poets and playwrights Teach us to land on our feet Show us how to lick our wounds and go on Attempt to break the speed of “laser” light Share with us the nirvana of purring […]

Notorious for the inordinate amount of time they spend grooming themselves with their tongues, cats ingest an excessive amount of loose hair during the process. The resulting hairballs can lead to vomiting, but the alternative—not passing them at all—can be far worse. Far from being a cat’s most glamorous attribute, hairballs pose a potential danger […]