I know you’ll still need me. I know you’ll still feed me? When I’m 64! Make 7 your pet’s lucky number. It’s a common belief that dogs age seven years for each human year. And that’s pretty accurate, depending on his weight. But there’s another reason to consider this number as special: it’s typically when your […]

Halloween Pet Safety in Westchester:  Halloween can be full of fun, fantasy and fear for family and furry friends. But it can also be a little too scary for some pets. The American Animal Hospital Association encourages pet owners to protect their four-legged pumpkins by being mindful of their F.E.A.R – food, environment, attire and […]

Q: What should I think about when deciding to travel with my pet? A: There are numerous considerations you should take into account: Make sure your pet is comfortable with travel Some pets cannot handle travel because of illness, injury, age or temperament. If your pet is not good with travel, you should consider a […]

Don’t stay outside when the temperature drops.  You can be sensitive to severe cold and risk of hypothermia and frostbite. Have your humans wipe your paws with a damp towel to clean off salt and other ice-melting chemicals. Avoid antifreeze, like holiday punch, its aroma is pleasing, its flavor sweet. But antifreeze aftertaste is awful […]

Heartworms are potentially fatal parasitic worms living in the pulmonary arteries, lungs and hearts of both cats and dogs. Wherever pets and pests (e.g. mosquitoes) are present, heartworm infection is possible. The infection in cats may be more common than previously realized. Diagnosis is much more difficult than in dogs, and treatment can be challenging. […]