• When you first bring your new dog home, confine him to one or two rooms or use baby gates. • Keep the dog confined until the cat is comfortable moving around the house and approaching the baby gate to investigate. • Set up some controlled meetings. Put the dog on a lead and walk […]

It’s a touchy-feely thing you do when you’re petting your pet anyway We’re all familiar with “dog years,” but we sometimes forget that our beloved pets will be with us for a precious few of them. One way to maximize the good times and minimize the bad is to give your pet a monthly home […]

The love and care you give your pet is returned in many ways, from a warm purr to courageous protection.  The foundation of our practice is enriching that bond, and providing the highest standards of medical care to help your pets live healthy, happy lives. In that spirit, we teach preventive techniques to pet owners […]

1. Because you’ll save a life. A shelter pet is more than one in a million – she’s one in 2.7 million. That’s the number of adoptable dogs and cats who are still euthanized each year in the United States, simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people adopt.  This number […]

If he becomes injured or ill, contact your veterinarian immediately. However, knowing basic first aid could help save his life. To begin with, you should be aware of vital statistics that are normal for your pet. PULSE AND HEART RATE • Cats: 150-200 bpm • Small dogs: 90-120 bpm • Medium dogs: 70-110 bpm • […]

Lilies  Highly toxic to cats. Kidney damage could result. Marijuana  Depression of the central nervous system, incoordination, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, increased heart rate, seizures and coma. Sago Palm  Vomiting, diarrhea, depression, seizures and liver failure. Tulip/Narcissus Bulbs  Intense gastrointestinal irritation, drooling, loss of appetite, depression of the central nervous system, convulsions and cardiac abnormalities. Azalea/Rhododendron  Vomiting, […]

They may not be lions and tigers and bears, but these pesky little pests can  make a season of distress for both people and their pets. So read on, take action, and know that prevention is the best defense against the peskiest pests! WHEN ‘SQUITO BITES GO STRAIGHT TO THE HEART!  Yes, just one mosquito […]

They sleep in cool shade. They play in cool dirt. They lay in cool shadows. They don’t have to work. It seems dogs and cats are pretty cool about keeping cool. Why?  They don’t wear pants – and they don’t sweat.  Of course, we all know that they do, indeed, pant.  They pant to help […]

We all like spending the sunny days of summer with our furry friends. Unfortunately, summer is the most dangerous time for pets. We have some suggestions that will help you and your pets share a great and safe summer together. Although heat is the #1 offender, here are a few other things to remember! Protect […]

We all know that the human-animal bond is a two-way street. The love and care you give your pet are returned in a variety of ways, from purring in your lap to protecting your family from strangers. Recent national and international studies now indicate even greater health benefits to pet owners, and we at Croton […]